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Buddy Program

Sometimes you have questions that go beyond the FAQs and pre-formatted text. You need to interact and have someone show you the ropes first hand, take the extra time to explain, break things down and go over it at your own pace. This is why we have the Buddy Program.

Exclusive Weekly Meetings

Exclusive individual and group meetings that help to bring support, interaction, brainstorming and a plethora of help and resources. Nowhere in Delaware is there anything like this, so come join our ALL ACCESS PASS NOW and find out what all the buzz is about! Meeting details are communicated through our Exclusive Text Club.

One-on-One Consultation

Personalized tailor-made strategy, assessment, how to successfully wager, break down of sports wagering, terminology, wagering and bank roll management, understanding the sports odds, understanding and seeing the value and rewards and much more!  Learn at your own pace with no stress…..Sound Fun?  Take advantage NOW and join our ALL ACCESS PASS to book a time.

Come and join the exciting world of Sports Wagering!

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