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Legal Online Gambling In Delaware 

Delaware is currently home to one of the healthiest gambling industries in the United States. Although the First State’s laws did not give much leniency to gambling in the past, Delaware’s gambling options have grown tremendously since the legalization of online gambling in 2012. Having a rather small population in consideration of its neighbors, Delaware has three brick and mortar casinos that are also horse and greyhound racing tracks. All three land-based casinos have an operation license for online gambling to all residents in the state.

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Parlay Calculator

Calculating odds can be one of the more stressful and time consuming components when it comes to sports wagering. Below you will find a wagering calculator we have created for your to enjoy and utilize at your own page.

Click to view instructions
  1. Key in the odds associated with each game you are wagering.
  2. If you are wagering on a favorite please make sure to apply a minus. (-) in front of your wager (Ex. -145)
  3. If you are wagering or an underdog simply key in the odds with no plus (+) in front (Ex. 110)
  4. Apply a “O” in all boxes not associated with your wager.
  5. Key in your wager in box and click “Calculate.”
  6. Your payout will appear in box next to “Payout.” Be advised that your payout does not include your amount wagered.
  7. To calculate another wager, click the “reset” button and start all over.
Parley Calculator

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